Fifteen lines

Illusion of you
Forget I / thou
It’s thou / thou, or
Thee and the me for rhyme
And the reason
Is: this mosquito bit me
Its neurological venom got into my joints
Cured my arthritis, and
Then into my brain, where it
Itched and itched, and the
Scratch was you; that is
You had nothing to do in there but
Scratch the mosquito itch
Now you see
How we live

So a god bit me, too
For amusement, and
For swells and a Hep C cure
After that night
That is easier to imagine
And the reasons
Are: jealousy
You think of another, and
Doubt, where there was
Faith which went away
With a stroke of
The pen, spurt of ink
Into the murky sky, or
When a bump on the head
Sees stars

This threesome, we
Three, or zero minus
God but one
The Dr says something
Then you know there is
No you. Can we agree
That these complaints about
My squeaky shoes
Are driving me mad, and
That where we are going
We have already been, because
We have sneaky neurons that
Are way too fast
To tap keys to
See us


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