24 Juin

Bonne fête à tous mes voisins québécois et québécoise. On this, our national holiday, emotions cascade like the rivers flowing over, around and under. In our canoe, paddles flashing in our hands, a beer balanced on a rib between our knees through the white water, it is easy to produce this one québécois man gushing, […]

seventeen juncos

Seventeen juncos hop around on gravel in front of the house, scratching and pecking at meltwater and debris. They have arrived on the warm tail of an April blizzard and waited politely for ground to appear. From the porch I watch their tiny pink-yellow beaks stab the stones, imagine what the needle-sharp claws on their […]


This word and picture are all I have to celebrate the daughter of Robin’s daughter who at this moment is making her way out of her mother into this world of wonders (or does she know more about it already? if so we will let her describe it to us). Robin is my partner. Genevieve […]